Truffled Food Coma!

Food coma: Homemade Tagliatelle Pasta in a truffle oil/cream sauce with white fresh truffles shaved on top. Veal Piccata with Foie Gras in a Truffle Sage and Marsala sauce. All with Vernaccia wine! Saporissimo Restaurant in Boca Raton: The BEST Italian restaurant EVER stateside!!!  Closet thing thus far to what I had in Italy!


Life Updates, X-mas Plans, Etc...

So after many twists and turns every and all doors for Chris trying to PCS, remote tour, and/or totally get out of the AF have been shut, locked forever. It is either due to his med codes, Corey's med codes, and the fact he is behind in his tech & mil career (his slot isn't funded so no one will put him in for training or awards). Hence, paperwork sumitted to get that slot funded so training can be for him. All of this equates to Chris tweaking out, he has not been "the same o' Chris" and it has been scary for me. In the end I pray that this can help Chris learn the skills to cope/deal in a healthy way when, well, when you just have to. I am always here for him but stuff like this there is nothing I can directly do, I just play the support role.

Me, meh, same o same o. Since Corey isn't active in school this yr (just the job) I seem to have free time on my hands and getting bored very quickly. Looking into belly dance classes. But will have to drive to B'ham one night a week for it. Chris and I may get into some league (pool, bowling, poker) but it has to have me home by 9:30pm at the very latest if a school night.

Yet another lesson on life's fragility: Yet another funeral to attend next week for a man in his fifties that died of cancer. Every funeral I have been to in the last 3yrs have all been cancer victims except one. This one is related to work - John V. from our business office...very sudden and fast..leaving behind a wife and 11 yr old daughter. Friday was a very quite day at work. Just sad and mad (this is taking too many people I know and I want a cure damn it!!!!)

Happier subject: Christmas Plans: Knew were going to Jax, FL but looks like we will be in Orlando. All so Chris' sis can spend time w/ her new bf (very long story but this is being pushed my his Mom who wants the daughter to hurry up and marry a naval officer..this is her 3rd or 4th naval officer she has dated). I am like whatever, don't want to rock the boat it just means less time w/ my family in Jax, more time on the road, & more vacation that I had planned on taking. We will have one day at park (his sis won the grand prize at a x-mas party which is a trip to Disney) (don't know which one yet) and they are treating us to the Animal Kingdom Lodge buffet dinner Sat. night. This will be my first x-mas I do not wake up in my own bed x-mas morning. It will be fun, I know, just had my heart set on some stuff in Jax that won't happen.

Anyone throwing in their party hat for a New Yrs Eve Party yet??? If someone hears of something give us a holla.  Feel like I haven't spent quality time w/ my friends in a awhile (Chris party we were just busy w/ everyone else but visiting w/ our friends).

Anniv plans in ATL in Jan: Plan on seeing the new Cirque show - Corteo and seeing the Louvre exhibit at the High Museum. May have to skip on doing a really nice dinner but I think it is pretty cool to have a flavor of Italy (the Cirque show) and France (Louvre exhbit) on our anniv weekend. And ofcourse, will be at Masq/secretroom that night!!! Probably not staying at the Chateau this yr but will have to at least drive up to it. Words cannot describe how I am looking forward to this weekend. We really need some time away (if only for one night).

Thats all folks!!! Hope every has a very merry, happy, and safe christmas season. 

All moved in and walkin' like old folks

Ah, another yr and another move. Got all moved into our apartment. HUGE kudos to geredan and nekodachaos and Bill from Chris' work for helping us (oh and Bills wife for the almost better than sex expresso brownies!!!).  God knows there were so many other less physically demanding things you could have done w/ your saturday.  many, many thanks!!! 
Moving beats your body up but this was my first move to the third floor.  We are moving around like we are 70yrs old.  Very stiff if we sit in one place for too long.  Took a beer and sat in the jacuzzi for awhile which helped before going to bed last night.   

Off to organize the bathroom and to the old house for cleaning. 


Teen/parental vent...

So had leave work early and show up at a house this afternoon to collect my son - he was there for a trip to the fair and a slumber b'day party. The school nurse came to the house (Chris was home) frustrated as all get out because Corey forgot to tell her some major things (hard to explain but since there is a school nurse she is obligated to ensure Corey gets here get there ok, stays at after-school practices, etc...) and oh, also left his diabetic kit at school. Too many times in the past have we run over this and that because he forgot but he never has forgotten EVERYTHING that he needs not to get very sick. This was really hard for me to do because you don't want the punishment you give your child to directly impact another family. But felt this time I had no other choice. I deeply apologized to the dad (mom was picking up other kid to spend the night) but he said he understood. I also apologized to the friend and said we hope to see him tomorrow night. Friend was asking when he could come over again and I said I don't know - we will have to talk this out as a family. Told Corey we will talk later. 90% of the time I do want to talk when things happen but the 10% when I don't, there is a good reason to that. Seems to be my dilemna of late - how to discpline a teen who has great motivation/grades in school but everything else just sucks. My Mom called it carrots. Finding the carrots that you can take away/earn back. But the carrots nowadays either don't exist like they used to in younger yrs and/or so major that I am scared of inadvertently discouraging the one area that is going good.

Wanna Party like we are still at D*C??

In hopes of resurrecting a tradition of some friends of mine I want to throw the idea out there and get feedback. If + then it is a go.

The "I wish I was still at DragonCon" Party. Yes ladies and gents, bring your pictures, video, badges, spoils from the dealers room, costumes (this is a feel free to dress up shin dig), but most importantly bring your D*C stories to share. This started a long time ago because we all got sad the very last night not wanting to leave so to try and savor it people threw this party. That being said, even if you didn't go this yr, you are very much invited (cough-hint- Alicia -hint-cough and Drea if in town/state)

When: Either this Friday or next starting around 7-8pm-ish (shooting for this Friday...the longer we wait the closer we are getting to Mike's wife giving birth)
Where: Cramer Casa
What to bring: Other than what was mentioned this is a total Bring Yor Own Food/Drink as we all who attended the con are probably broke.

Please reply as to what Friday will work if this is something you want to do.

And a 'lil highlight review of the Cramer D*C '06 experience (w/ a longer review when a feel 100% human again). It rocked!!! We stuck to our plan of not spending the days in the dealers room and sleeping in the hotel room. We went to 2 out of 3 Firefly/Serenity panels, Klingon Beauty pagent, The Last Dance panel, 3 acoustic band sets (2 being Voltaire) and most all of the concerts. The only drama that happened sucked but it sucked in the best way: Mike's wife (Melinda) came by the room Sat. night w/ the friends she was spending her b'day with. One of which was Chris and ex-wife's neighbor when they were first married.  Apprently she (one of meinda's friends) never liked his ex-wife but still runs into her at Woodmere a lot. If I was ever to meet his ex-wife or someone who was/is close to her: let it be in fetish gear (latex that is!!!). More on that to come but after a stiff drink- I was ok back in the D*C groove. Needless to say, other than a death metal concert, the LAST place I would think that Chris ex-wife's and that whole issue would enter my thoughts would be DragonCon!!!  However after walking around the Hyatt she is wanting to go next yr. But we have all yr to plot and plan the Cramer experience around that. Lets just say we go to DragonCon to get away from people like that (Chris told me she is a smaller version of his ex-wife).   
 Drea girl- I really, really missed you and Ty ( I am sorry if this is adding salt but just really needed to say it). 

Oh, and Yami Yami just was the icing on the cake!!!  Eating good sushi and amazing beef teriyaki almost everyday at the Con was splendid. 

C&C Dragon Con Plans

1) I am taking Wed. off to run errands/pack for the trip as I ran out of time taking care of other people/items over the weekend.

2) I will be leaving Thurs. morning riding w/ Michael and Mark F. After getting settled into the room we will head down to Little 5 Points for lunch/shopping(me)/whatnot. One of our friends coming up from FL will be leaving his car at a relatives place in Little 5 so we will have two cars going to Little 5 but only one coming back to the hotel. Then once reg opens (4pmish)get our badges and await nighttime activties.

3) Chris will leave for Atl after class Thurs. night (he will get to the hotel right before midnight).

4) Hopeing to get up early enough to splurge on the Marriott bkfst buffett Friday morning. Looking into checking into Robert's room early but who ever does will be looke dupon as staying in that room. SHould be ok unless said person loses hotel key. Have to talk w/ Chris.

5) Cell phone service gets if-ee the lower you go in the hotel so if you can't reach us, leave a msg and/or text msg and once we start moving from the lower levels up, we will get the message.

Some D*C Must's for Me...

Belly Dance Lessons (ouch- but at 10am- that will be hard to get myself up for but will try)

Klingon Karoke!!!!!!

Don't mind me-- just excited we will be getting out of town for a few days w/ some geek-dom and goth-dom!!!